Paris, the city of love…the city of light! For me it is also the city where I began an unexpected new life.

I was born in Landstuhl Germany, and grew up in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Los Gatos California. Since then I have lived in San Francisco, Rome, London, and Los Angeles (specifically Venice beach) and have loved every city with all my heart. Having worked in museums for most of my professional career; National Portrait Gallery in London and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, I jumped (on a plane) at the opportunity to work in the mother of all museums, the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

I expected to stay in Paris for about a year and head back to the sunshine state, where I would continue a life of surfing and kale BUT life had different plans for me. The last thing I anticipated to find here in Paris was love…
Love for a man, love for a city, love for a country (a new love of butter and cheese) and the deepest type of love…love for my child. I now call France home, as does our petit Franco American James. Although home is truly where the heart is as we live between Paris and Provence. In Paris we call the urban oasis of the magical Île Saint-Louis home and in Provence, the foot of the Mount Ventoux where our family estate and vines are (I married into a family of winemakers, I guess trading waves for wine isn't the worst trade off ;). But of course we have long stints in California as Grandma and Grandpa wouldn't have it otherwise. 

Although often on the go, the island of Île Saint-Louis in Paris is home base. So passionate about Paris, while working at the Louvre, I dreamed up Movies in Motion, an educational tour company based in Paris, as a way for me to share my love of the city with visiting families in a digestible and entertaining way. So you can usually find me on the island sharing excitedly, Paris' hidden secrets and history.   

When I was faced with the opportunity to come to Paris I almost didn't take it. It was my father who urged me to go. He said, "Kg, it will be just like the film Sabrina and you will be just like Audrey Hepburn's character Sabrina Fairchild. You will go to Paris and re-discover yourself! Don't worry about leaving your job, another one will always follow, but this opportunity won't." 
I guess he and Sabrina were right, "Paris is always a good idea."

One never knows what life will give until you take a chance. Although not always easy, it has all been worth it. Living between two cities and two countries with a family definitely has its hurdles, but it is also a welcomed adventure. I would like to share some of my experiences here in France, as a new mom on the go with you in hopes it may aid in potential travel plans or inspire ideas! 
Merci beaucoup for reading :)!


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