Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Art of Cooking: Restaurant A.T

Coal chips

Located just across the bridge from the Île Saint-Louis, behind the famous restaurant La Tour d'Argent, a magical culinary experience awaits you at Restaurant A.TRestaurant A.T is named after the chef himself Atushi Tanaka, (who was trained by the legendary Chef Pierre Gagnaire) and opened in the spring of 2014. Inspired by modern French cuisine, Chef Tanaka takes contemporary cooking one step further by reprogramming French fare into aesthetically stunning works of art. But it's not all for show people, the flavours/tastes are definitely something to write home about. We ordered the dinner menu with the foie gras and were pleasantly surprised with every single dish. From the start with the charbon (coal) chips to the foamy soup with baby boulot snails, to the brilliant green Romanesco used to the zingy Bergamot all the way to the crisp-skinned duck (which is to die for), each of us were delighted with every plate. The service was impeccable and the timing of place setting to the delivery of food was perfectly in sync. The staff was also extremely kind and warm (and multi-lingual). The wine list is a bit esoteric and may be trying a little too hard, but we were able to find a few very good bottles. And you can never be too upset when you've got 90’s American hip-hop playing in the background throughout your meal.  

Menus €45 (lunch except Saturday) and €85 for dinner (menu does not include wine or foie gras). Restaurant A. T is located at 4 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris. Phone: 0156819408. Reservations required. 
Leek/Hazelnut butter

Fois gras/orange/beets
Langoustine / Céleri – Rave / Bergamote
Sea snails/Jerusalem Artichokes
Duck, onion and crosnes
Beets, pepper timut, raspberry 
Chocolate and lavender creation (melts in your mouth like gourmet dippin' dots) 

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