Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oceanic delights: L'Ecailler Du Bistrot!

Shell fish platter for 2 people
Like many French holiday traditions, the focus of Christmas and New Year's celebrations in France is on the table.  To kick off the festivities, a typical aperitif served is champagne and oysters. In fact, roughly half of all oysters eaten in France will be slurped up between Christmas and New Years. Though in Paris one doesn't have to wait until the end of the year to get their oyster fix due to wonders like Gwen Cadoret’s L'Écailler du Bistro in the 11th arrondissement. L'Écailler, essentially translates to “the pro oyster shucker”, and is the the oceanic version of the Bistrot Paul Bert (a vegetarians and dieters worst nightmare but offers amazingly delicious classic French cooking/meat dishes and is run by Cadoret’s husband Bertrand Auboyneau, just next door to L'Écailler). L'Écailler is not called the “pro oyster shucker” for nothing as shucking shell fish is a talent passed on in the Cadoret family. Owner Cadoret’s father is Jacques Cadoret, a professional oyster farmer in Riec-sur-Bélon.

Sole meunière with some sort of creamy mash amazingness
Although L'Écailler offers a killer variety of super fresh oysters (as well as a mega shellfish plate to share…or not), the bistro also offers an assortment of marine delights. The sole meunière is cooked to perfection, super moist and tender. The ½ lobster and frites dish is accompanied by some creamy secret sauce that tastes like heaven in your mouth (and probably accounted for my entire calorie intake for the month of December...so worth it though). 

1/2 lobster, fries and creamy heaven sauce
And to top it off the meal is served with fresh bread and Bordier butter, plain and seaweed infused…ah!
Bordier butter is the best!
Citron vert tart
If you still have room for desert I highly recommend the citron vert tart (made with organic limes). 

The staff at L'Ecailler is extremely friendly and the wine list is SUPER! I dinned at L'Écailler with a French wine maker and wine importer who both completely geeked out over the wine list for a good 10 minutes (always a good sign). Three bottles later and a full belly I can say that the L'Écailler will put you in high holiday spirits regardless of the season of the year.

Address: 22 rue Paul Bert, 75011. Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday. Reservations: Book a few days in advance Telephone: 01 43 72 76 77

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