Friday, July 11, 2014

Best bistro on my block: La Rôtisserie

19 Quai de la Tournelle 75005 Paris, France
Located on the left bank, just a walk across Pont de la Tournelle from the Île Saint-Louis, sits one of my all time favorite French bistros, La RôtisserieLa Rôtisserie, sister of La Tour d'Argent delivers delicious traditional French bistro cuisine time and time again. 

Les escargots et le foie gras
I am not the only one to love La Rôtisserie. I once saw Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov on a cold and rainy Paris day at the La Rôtisserie sitting by himself, reading a book and enjoying his meal (while I creepily spied on him over my delicious café gourmand having my own private Carrie Bradshaw Sex in the City moment). La Rôtisserie offers a cozy atmosphere, great service, fresh and quality meats and vegetables. All your favorite traditional French bites are offered from Coq Au Vin (cooked in Beaujolais wine), veal kidneys to roasted pigeon. If you are on a diet or want a light meal, don't come to La Rôtisserie as the meals served are hearty, soulful and filling (unless you want a liquid dinner as they have a sound wine list and make great cocktails!). 

Hands down my favorite dish at La Rôtisserie is the 1/2 roasted chicken and buttery mash potatoes. Although I am not a fan of chicken, I dream of this killer combination. The chicken is cooked to perfection and is the ideal texture and the mash potatoes are THE most incredible buttery mass of amazingness. 

The best roasted chicken and creamy mash ever!
And of course no traditional French dinner is complete without a desert (although before the desert comes the cheese if you still have room!). From the sorbet and ice cream assortment to the floating island (meringue floating on crème anglaise a.k.a. vanilla custard), all deserts offered are a good choice. Naturally you can never go wrong with a traditional crème brûlée.

The final treat to top off your delectable meal are the views just outside the restaurant. Just outside the restaurant you can see the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Île Saint-Louis, the perfect nightcap to quench your visual thirst before you head back home or hit the town. 

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