Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surfin' USA!

Cowabunga dude!
Everybody go surfin'…surfin' USA. When I lived in LA, many Saturday mornings were spent piling into my VW golf with my favorite surf bunnies and stacking our boards like Jenga pieces on top of my car roof. We would head down to San Onofre, a wonderful surf spot and great way to spend the day. Because surfing the Seine River isn't ideal, I usually wait to catch waves until I am back in LA. One of my favorite activities when back in town is to head up to a great spot not too far from Venice called Sunset (in the Pacific Palisades). This spot is usually filled with beginner to good surfers (mostly long boarders). I love this spot as it is super chilled out, the other surfers are nice and you usually see dolphins or/and seals. This is a great spot for novice surfers (with an instructor) as it is not too difficult to paddle out. Watch out when taking a wave back to shore though as the bottom is a mixture of rock and sand. The weekends are more crowded but during the week the surf crowds aren’t too bad. Parking is along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and is free but it can also be tricky on the weekend (although I have never had a problem during the week). You can also park in Gladstone’s restaurant for $7.00.  It can be a bit difficult to access the beach with your board so look out for the wooden stair case for easy access to the beach.

Not too crowded on this hot and sunny weekday! 
Wooden steps to help you down to the beach!
PCH Parking 
After a morning of surfing I usually work up a fierce appetite! There is nothing like eating something healthy after exerting energy and being out in the sun and sea! I love having a healthy bite at Café Gratitude on Rose Avenue in Venice. I usually have a Kale creation (called "Pure" on the menu) with some sort of Juice concoction. Other healthy eats I like to frequent after a morning of catching waves (or just waiting for them) are Euphoria Loves Rawvolution on Main Street (in between Venice and Santa Monica), or picking some healthy bites from One life natural foods market also on Main Street. 

Cafe gratitude for some serious healthy and enjoyable choices (if you can stomach the question of the day!) 
One "Pure" with a side of Kim-chee and a glass of "healthy" 

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