Monday, April 7, 2014

Les Fous de l'Île

Les Fous de l'Île, (which translates “the crazy people of the island” or "the people mad about the island") is in the heart of Ile Saint Louis. This neo-bistro combines great food and fast, friendly service. It has an original décor featuring backlit wooden display shelves and a collection of every type of chicken ornament you can imagine. The neo-bistro has a very warm, comfortable and laid back atmosphere. Making a reservation is always easy (in English or in French) but you can usually stroll in with out a reservation. It is definitely one of the more reasonably priced places to eat on the island so for this reason, among others, you can often find many of the local inhabitants having lunch, dinner or sitting at the bar having a glass of something at any time of the day.

Everyone is welcome to sit down, take a load off and knock back a cold one here! Woof! 

Chicken mania! 

Bright and cozy atmosphere
In the heart of the island-33 r. des Deux-Ponts F - 75004 Paris 04
Open everyday with brunch on Sunday! 

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