Monday, April 7, 2014

I love Sunday spring time on Île Saint-Louis!

I love Paris in the springtime and Sundays are simply the best. Everyone is outside enjoying life. On the island cafés are bustling with activity as lazy Parisians bask on the terraces soaking up the sun. Parisians from the island and beyond flock to the quais to have picnics and drink with friends. 

On the flip side, many active Parisians take advantage of the great weather and exercise. Every Sunday (and public holidays) the road along the quais between the Musée d’Orsay and the quai Branly (Pont d’Iéna) is closed to cars (from 9-5). This giant stretch of car-free tarmac allows a perfect and safe place to roller-blade, run, walk or bicycle. It’s a wonderful way to see the city. 

This entire route is car -free on Sundays! 
I bet that guy with the beret is thinking, woo hoo! I wish I were running!
Even on the nicest of Sundays, you can always find a free bench  to sit and take it all in on île saint Louis!

Have a seat and stay a little while! 
Ah the flowers of Printemps! 
Looks like Frenchmen CAN jump! Just across the Pont Marie bridge (in the Marais) is a basketball court set against a medieval fortress wall built by Philippe Auguste in 1190. You can often find youths playing soccer and using the medieval wall as the goal.
And sometimes when it's a beautiful Sunday spring day on the island, you just have to put on your top hat, stand on an edge of a bridge and think about how great life is. 

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