Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't get caught in a hairy situation! Maison de Coiffure to save the day!

When I left Venice beach to move to Paris, I also left behind a portfolio of tried and true beauty folks including my hair stylist who kept me looking trimmed and proper. When it was time to get my mane tamed, I went to a very expensive salon in Paris (of course we all know expensive doesn’t always = good!) but I had no idea where to start! I walked out of the salon with some sort of bowl fridge cut that looked straight out of the movie Dumb and Dumber (I would have been the little Thai boy extra)Although that may have worked for Jim Carry, it was not ideal for a newly single gal in Paris. After more trial and error my dear friend Rachel whispered one magical word that fixed my worries (and my bowl fringe cut) forever…Hugo.

The miracle worker:  Hugo (right after he cut my hair and still smiling)
Hugo and his business partner Diego are the owners of the beautiful salon, Maison de Coiffure, which is located just around the corner from Place de la Concorde. 

Très Chic
Upon first walking in, the salon is a little bit intimidating as it is very chic and the staff is extremely good looking (and are the coolest dressers)! I was expecting the air to be filled with pretentiousness, but all you breathe in is kindness (and the smell of Opalis and Leonor Greyl, the luxurious silicon-free products they work with!). The staff is welcoming, professional and they always offer you a coffee, tea or water.

Representing part of the male hottie staff contingency at Maison de Coiffure

A cost of a cut/color ranges depending on what you want and on the length of your hair. Maison de Coiffure is not on the cheaper end of the spectrum but from my experience, it certainly isn't at the outrageously expensive end either. I feel as though the cost warrants the cut. You definitely pay for quality as that is all Hugo and his staff provides. 
Tastefully designed, the Maison de Coiffure is extremely clean and modern. One of my favorite parts of getting my hair cut is having my hair washed (as well as the mini head message that goes with it). The chairs have a built in message system for double awesomeness. 

5 minutes of total relaxation!
Hugo himself is not only an artist, but he is humble, thoughtful, funny, genuine and extremely smart. He always has a light and happy disposition and I feel as though that wonderful energy is transferred into my hair! Although Hugo speaks English, he has been helping me along with my French as well (yes, he is also patient ;)

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And if you aren't happy with the cut, you can always grab this amazing head dress and make a run for it! (I wish there was one of these lying around when I got my first hair cut in Paris!)

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